Decorating Small Bedrooms: 10 Tricks to Maximize Space and Style

Decorating Small Bedrooms: 10 Tricks to Maximize Space and Style

Although you might not know it yet, a small bedroom is perhaps the biggest blessing your home can offer. Since you cannot fill it to the brim with all sorts of devices and gadgets, you have to learn how to maximize the space to create a serene environment. Luckily, the following ten tricks will help you achieve that without compromising on style!

1. Choose light and bright colors 

Using different shades of white in your bedroom can make it seem as if there’s a lot more space than what the square footage indicates. However, to avoid a sterile look, make sure you’re mixing textures and patterns too. That way, you'll avoid sleeping in a busy or box-like environment, even if there aren’t many windows or natural light.

2. Use your bed for storage 

If you don’t own a murphy bed yet, it's time to give them serious consideration. Why not just stuff decorative storage bins under your existing bed? No one will notice, right? However, don't foget that the bed itself takes up a huge amount of real estate in your room that you could use for other things. Many modern wall beds come equipped with shelves, bookcases, and, in some instances, even double as a couch by day. 

3. Opt for a modern look

You need all the space you can get in a tiny bedroom, so say goodbye to your clunky, oversized furniture and decor, and choose modern elements with simple lines. However, if that doesn’t work for you, you could also choose to be ruthless about getting rid of will save a lot of space by eliminating clutter. 

4. Befriend minimalism 

The less stuff you have, the more space there is. So, it’s time to declutter your bedroom and maximize your storage space. Get rid of unnecessary furniture and make the bed the focal point. Also, consider built-in storage units; these will allow you to keep most of your accessories and trinkets out of sight.

5. Create an optical illusion 

If you position a mirror so that it reflects the natural light that's coming in from the windows, you’ll create an optical illusion. The bedroom will look a lot more spacious than it actually is. Still, opt for a big mirror that you can put up on a wall so that you don’t lose any floor space.

6. Place the bed in a corner 

Most people think placing the bed in the center of the room is a fine idea. Still, that doesn’t work when the room is tiny. As such, move the bed to a suitable corner or push it against the wall. That will allow you to maximize the floor space, not to mention make the bedroom a bit cozier. 

7. Use that high ceiling 

Living vertically is a fantastic idea if the ceiling in your bedroom is high. You can add a platform or a loft that you then use as a sleeping area. That will allow you to use the lower part for storage or seating, transforming the whole room into a 2-in-1 practical oasis.

8. Create an accent wall with wallpaper 

No need to stick to the pristine, white color on all walls — you can easily create an accent wall with some vibrant wallpaper. Just remember to use a large scale pattern; anything too busy could make the room feel a bit cluttered.

9. Take advantage of floating shelves 

The versatility of floating shelves makes them a perfect addition to a tiny bedroom. You can easily use one of these as a nightstand, a bookcase, a laptop desk, an entry table next to the door or even as an area where you can keep all your storage boxes.

10. Enhance the space by creating a wall niche 

Finally, if you want practicality but don’t want to settle for anything less than elegance, why not create a wall niche? Nowadays, drywall is usually hollow, so you can cut out an alcove in a non-exterior wall. That way, you will be able to use the added space for storage, as well as for personal items and other necessities. In fact, this is a perfect solution if your bed is set up on the wall itself.

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