About Us

Norm the founder and president of Murphy Bed DepotWilliam L. Murphy invented the Murphy Bed around the turn of the century thus giving his own name to the bed. Since that time, the term "Murphy Bed" has become a generic term used to refer to any vertically stored bed (more often referred to as a wall bed). His original model was mounted to the back of a closet door and used a basic fulcrum swing, tensioned with counter balancing springs.

The sole purpose of this specialized design was to raise a bed from the familiar horizontal sleeping position to the previously unfamiliar vertical storage position, resulting in the utilization of the precious floor space the bed would normally occupy.

The executive staff of Murphy Bed Depot set in motion, in the mid 1980's, a plan to source and offer state-of-the-art Wall Beds which would better utilize interior spaces by transforming rooms into smart dual purpose functional living and/or working environments.

Susie the customer service guru and co owner of Murphy Bed DepotMurphy Bed Depot is the definite leader in vertical storage.

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