Five Space Saving Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Five Space Saving Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Is your bedroom a comfy oasis away from it all or does it feel more like a confined space? Do words like ‘tranquil’ and ‘relaxing’ come to mind or is it more like ‘cramped’ and ‘messy’? If your bedroom is short on space, we’re going to share several ways that you can maximize the space available and make your room look and feel larger than it really is!

Here are the top space saving ideas for your small bedroom:

Hanging shelves

When you are looking to make the most out of the space that is available, you have to think outside of the box a bit. One of the really cool, space-saving options that you can take advantage of, are hanging shelves. Instead of having a typical bedside table that is clunky and takes up a lot of space, you can opt for a hanging shelf that is suspended from the wall. This not only adds visual interest to the space by getting things off of the floor and at eye level, but it allows you to reclaim more of the room.

Your bed

You need to make use of all space when you have a small bedroom. This means that the space under your bed can be used. You could store a lot of essentials under your bed. There are even special containers that you can buy for under bed storage to make the most use out of this space.

We may be biased here, but Murphy beds are the easiest way to gain a large amount of square footage in your bedroom. As you know, Murphy beds are designed to fold away when not in use, which is why they are loved by so many homeowners. Murphy beds allow a space to be used for multiple purposes, a bedroom, home office, child’s play room, and more. 

Floating Desk

If you want to have your own workspace in your bedroom but are short on space, it is possible to build a floating desk. This is a type of desk that is attached to the wall. Since it is attached to the wall, it takes up very little space, but it still gives you room to be productive and creative daily.

Wardrobe Space

If you are really hurting for space, especially when it comes to storing clothes, a good spot to keep a lot of your clothing items is behind your bedroom door. This is a space that often gets forgotten about, but it can be really useful. You can put hangers and organizers on this door to help you make the most out of the space.


A cluttered space will feel even smaller than it really is. If you really want your small bedroom to seem a lot larger, you need to make sure that it is completely organized. This includes everything from your drawers to the space under your bed. If everything is organized, you are more likely to be using all of the space available in the best way possible. You may need to invest in storage items that help you to get organized and to stay that way at all times no matter what. Also, consider donating anything that you have not used or worn in a year. 

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