Side Cabinet Options

Side Cabinet Options

Side Cabinet Configurations for Your Murphy Bed

Each Murphy Bed Depot Furniture Order is custom made. Because of this, we can offer a virtually endless selection of side cabinet configurations. We try to keep the website as simple as possible, but if you desire any of the configurations below, or any configuration you want, really, just let us know ( or (904)823-9255). Along with all the various configurations of doors, drawers, shelves, handles, and knobs, there are many color choices and material finishes available. 

Here are a just a few examples:

Murph Bed depot B Side Cabinets

"B" Cabinets with a Daytona Panel Bed

Modified J Side Cabinet

Modified "J" Cabinets with a Stained Wood Daytona Panel Bed

Modified I Side Cabinets with 2 File Drawers

Modified "I" Cabinets with a Bahama Shaker Panel Bed

Side Cabinets Style A

"A" Cabinets with a St Augustine Panel Bed

See our photo gallery, or our gallery, for more real life examples of our side cabinets. We can even add a drop-down table inside a cabinet.

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