Murphy Bed Benefits

The Benefits of Owning a Murphy Bed

What can a Murphy Bed do for you?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home office, create an awesome play space for your kids or grandkids, or simply gain useful square footage, a Murphy Bed is an amazing solution.

A Murphy Bed can give you up to 40 square feet of usable space, compared to a normal bed. That's a lot of room for yoga, playing, sitting, reading, studying, or working! In addition, the room doesn't feel like a bedroom, when the Murphy Bed is up. It feels like a whole different room, that can be used for any task you desire.

And when the guests do arrive, they get to enjoy a truly comfortable bed.

Murphy Bed Depot's Library Beds and optional side cabinets also offer massive amounts of flexible storage space for your books, clothes, bedding, magazines, craft supplies, sewing supplies, yoga mats, or knick knacks. 

What would you do with a whole new room? Find out by getting your own Murphy Bed today.

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