Murphy Bed Guide

The Last Murphy Bed Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Last Murphy Bed Guide You’ll Ever Need

The last time that you saw a Murphy bed was probably in one of the hilariously ridiculous episodes of ‘Three Stooges’. Maybe you’ve seen the one where a burglar tries to rob one of the stooges while he’s sleeping but is surprised when of the stooges submerges himself in his wall bed that has been armed with cannons. Today they are rapidly re­gaining popularity because of newly applied modern styles and mechanics, but unfortunately don’t come cannon ready. They weren’t always so stylish and user friendly though. In fact, when the Murphy bed was first patented back in the early 1900s, they were used as part of comedic setups and props.

History of the Murphy Bed

William Lawrence Murphy is the man responsible for so many early laughs and our modern space saving solution. He was living in a one bedroom apartment and liked to consider himself a ‘ladies man’. The problem was, it was hard for him to entertain female guests and still be able to woo them with his homely presence. Who would’ve thought right? Another product created to earn the hearts of women.Murphy didn’t know that the wall beds would catch on so quickly though and just wanted to be able to turn his bedroom into a parlor at a moment's notice.. Long after he died, the United States Court of Appeals ruled the Murphy bed ‘common usage’, meaning that it could no longer be trademark protected.

The Modern Day Murphy Bed

You’ve heard the expression, ‘History repeats itself’right? Well, these wall beds came back in a big way. They’ve become extremely popular with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and single professionals who want the ability to turn a small studio apartment from a bedroom into a stylish home office. People just like you are using them in children’s rooms to increase play area without having to sacrifice a bedroom. There are so many designs these days, that a Murphy bed is sure appeal to you in some way. That’s the beauty of today’s market, someone always has something that seems it was specifically crafted for you.

With the advances in mechanics, wall beds have become significantly more safe and easy to use. We now use a much more reliable metal and have been able to construct them in the safest ways possible. You don’t have to worry about falling victim to one of the 20th century comedic horrors because every Murphy bed is crafted with you in mind. That means you won’t have to warm up your muscles or do 3 pushups before tackling your bed storage. The mechanisms make it simple!

Piston Mechanisms

Murphy beds operate using one of two primary mechanical systems. The less common, piston mechanisms, use air pressure to support, raise, and lower the bed frame. It’s ability to lock when the bed is not in use makes a valuable safety feature, but can be dangerous if you have

children who might try hiding in wall. Once installed, the pistons can’t be adjusted so proper and accurate installation is a must. In general, a piston mechanism will wear less but demands perfection and a non­altered use.

Spring Mechanisms

The more traditional Murphy bed systems use steel springs that have been compressed to provide maximum durability and security. Springs are the only mechanism that the Murphy Bed Depot uses and trusts because of the heavy­duty quality and measured balance. They make lifting and lowering your wall bed incredibly lightweight but after several years they may require some adjustment because even steel can stretch with time. As long as you take the necessary precautions, like locking the bed’s storage door, this is the safest and most efficient option.

Murphy Bed Benefits

You might not yet be convinced that a Murphy bed is right for and we don’t blame you. It’s not like you’re swapping out a mattress, you’re changing the entire appearance of a room! For that reason, we’ve created a list of some of the ways that purchasing a wall bed is going to help you.

  • Your room will get bigger! Not really, it’s not a magic bed. You will have an enormous amount of increased space though. Imagine what the area would look like if there wasn’t a huge bed hogging all of your floor space. Open up rooms, let light in, and dance if you want to.
  • It comes in styles that fit ANY decor.You’ll probably spend at least an hour raising and lowering your wall bed just because it feels like you’re in a new room every time. It’s enclosure will look incredible and expands to compliment to your bed’s style.
  • It’s simple.You won’t have to worry about lifting heavy beds, or struggling to fold your wall bed up. You could probably give the Murphy bed a small push and watch it float into place.
  • More activities! Maybe you’re like Mr. William Murphy and want to entertain your guests without exposing your sleeping area. Fold it up, party, play games, or do a carpet angel.

See! Murphy beds can help you! More often than not they’re less expensive than similarly styled, non foldable beds too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to jump into a Murphy bed operated by spring mechanism, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t try to use it as a trampoline please. Save some room in your home, guest room, or office and keep the look that represents who you are. Turn your area from a bedroom into a craft room, play room, game room, or gathering area. When you’re all done, your bed is tucked away patiently waiting for you. Put some money back in your wallet and show off your new wall bed, or hide it, your choice.

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