What is a Base Notch?

What is a Base Notch?

When ordering custom cabinetry, such as a Murphy Bed, there is definitely a learning curve. Terms such as frame, cabinet, tilting head board, spring balance lift mechanism, and more can lead to an overwhelming sense of the unknown.

The Base Notch Against the Wall Over the Baseboard

One such term is "base notch." What is a base notch? A base notch is a cut-out at the rear-base of a cabinet, that allows one to install the cabinet over existing baseboard without cutting into or removing the baseboard. It allows the cabinet to be as completely flush against the wall as possible, from top to bottom, resulting in a finished look.

We, at Murphy Bed Depot, can have any cabinet system manufactured with a base notch, up to 9 inches in height, for no additional cost to the consumer.

So, as you order your wall bed system, let us know how tall your baseboard is, and we will notch your cabinet accordingly.

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