Your decluttering plan for the new year

Your decluttering plan for the new year

Is your home a tranquil place, free of unnecessary clutter? Well, if you are not certain, then it may be time to look at your space objectively, and ask: 'how can I make this a peaceful, organized place?'

With the popularity of figures like Marie Kondo, decluttering is becoming mainstream. Don’t worry, you will not be alone on this strenuous journey — here comes the help.

The preparations

First of all, you need to be ready to let go of some things. Be honest — do you really need that broken vase or that ripped shirt?

Try to think like this — are you ready to pay someone to move it to your new house? If not, toss it.

Before you start decluttering your home, you should take inventory and see what you really have. It is important to group things together, such as light bulbs and batteries. Afterward, you will know whether you need to restock or if you are already full.

 Also, try not to bite off more than you can chew. In essence, you should first deal with the wardrobe or magazines, so that you can see some results quickly. If you start small, you will not easily get discouraged.

 Finally, do not fall into the trap thinking that it might one day come in handy. Although wallpaper or toilet rolls can be useful, there is no need to keep them for such a long time.

Let’s get going

How should you do it? Well, here’s how:

Make sure that you go through the bookshelves and see what is there. If you are having problems with categorizing, just keep those that you read often, or if you plan to give them to your offspring.

  1. Let’s be honest — if you have not fixed that vase for ten years, it is highly unlikely that you will do it any time soon.
  2. Unfortunately, you need to clean the pantry too from time to time. Also, you should check the use-by dates at least once a year, if you are not looking for food poisoning. Those prunes have been there since Bill Clinton’s administration? Well, there’s a new Clinton in town — out with the prunes.
  3. Don't forget the guest bedroom! If you are packed to the rafters with stuff, consider buying a murphy bed so that you can use the square footage for other things without having to take up space with a regular sized bed.
  4. Perhaps CDs and DVDs are not that popular these days, but you can still keep them with the help of CD wallets. It will save up space and you might find some long-forgotten gems. (Please, I need that “Dirty Dancing” DVD, please…)
  5. Get some cardboard boxes and make sure that no memories are left forgotten. Moreover, you can store all the precious old pictures and letters from your youth.

 When you are finished with the decluttering, you will have a brand new and wonderful home. Stay strong and keep on decluttering!

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