Real Estate has risen to such astronomical prices in many cities, that space becomes very difficult to come by. For today's city dweller, space-saving solutions are life savers, allowing even the tiniest apartment to transform from a bedroom to a workspace in mere seconds. But no one wants their home to be outdated. Enter today's Murphy Bed; available in a wide range of designs and configurations that go well with even the most modern home decor. The most popular Murphy Bed Frame Kit is the Next Bed, painted in white, with European-style bent-wood slats to support a real mattress. If only more city folk knew about wall beds such as the Next Bed, small spaces would be more attractive. The price for a Next Bed Murphy Bed Frame Kit ranges from $475 to over $1000, depending on the size and where you've found one for sale. Murphy Bed Depot has been offering the lowest price on the internet since the Next Bed was released several years ago, and is a true authority in the Murphy Bed industry, there to support anyone who has questions or concerns about purchasing, assembling, or using a fold-up bed.