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Horizontal Murphy Beds

A Murphy Bed is a great space saver in any room, and sometimes the room or the design requires an especially low Murphy Bed cabinet. 

A horizontal wall bed is a great solution when the ceiling is low or the space available for a bed is narrow. The horizontal Murphy Bed resides in a cabinet that is shorter than a vertical Murphy Bed, and a horizontal wall bed extends into the room less than a vertical, as well.

For a kid's room, a horizontal twin size Murphy Bed is also less intimidating and easier to pull down, as less leverage is required to get it started.

If you want to build a horizontal Murphy Bed, you'll need to make sure you have the width, as they are 80 to 85 inches wide. 

At Murphy Bed Depot, we offer several horizontal solutions:

  • The DIY Kit allows you to build your own horizontal or vertical wall bed
  • The Panel Bed Frame Kit also allows you to build your own horizontal or vertical wall bed, but adds a steel frame to the lift mechanism of the DIY Kit
  • The Horizontal Murphy Bed Furniture comes with everything but the mattress

At this time we do not offer a horizontal frame that stands alone. All of the above products either require building or include a cabinet, because the lift mechanisms mount to the sides of the Murphy Bed Furniture.

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