Redoing your bedroom? Read this!

Redoing your bedroom? Read this!

Like many homeowners, you probably want to keep your home up to date, but not all upgrades are worthwhile. In this article, we share the best ways to improve your bedroom.

  1. Color Is Your Friend – the easiest way to transform the look of your bedroom is to add a dash of color. Painting is relatively inexpensive, and something that nearly every homeowner can do themselves. There are a number of ways that you can incorporate color without overdoing it.
We are not suggesting that you paint every bedroom in your house in neon hues, but do consider a contrasting color on the ceiling, and accent wall behind your bed, or just bring in a couple new pieces of furniture that are painted in bright colors.
Shiplap is also a popular option for adding some interest, and texture, to boring bedroom walls. 
Bedrooms should generally be a soothing place, but that does not mean they have to be dull and boring.


2. Save Some Space – a barn door is a great way to eliminate dead zones in the bedroom where a conventional door usually takes up space. Adding a barn door can be done in a few hours, and requires little more than a ladder, drill, screwdriver, and a level.

Another way to save space in your bedroom is by swapping out your old bed with a Murphy bed frame like this. Considering that the average bed takes up 20% or more of the bedrooms floorspace, your room will look and feel bigger. This is a great idea for guest bedrooms that also double as a home office or play room.


3. Shed Some Light – a dimly lit bedroom is depressing and difficult to navigate at night. Have an electrician install can lights, which are very affordable, around the four corners of your room. Having these lights controlled by a dimmer switch will give you the ability to create a mood in the room.

While you are at it, if you live in a warm climate, a ceiling fan with a light is a great way to keep air circulating, provide ambient light in the center of the bedroom, and will help you to feel cool on hot summer nights.

4. Add Some Detail – if your bedroom feels a little bit like a box with no interesting detail, it is probably because your window, ceiling, and door moldings are not terribly interesting.
This could be because they blend in too much due to the color scheme you are using. So one alternative may be to simply paint your moldings several shades lighter or darker than the color of your walls. However, if things are looking rather plain on that front, consider a larger profile molding or one that has a bit more detail.
Changing or adding moldings is a relatively affordable option, and while it does take a bit of time and effort, (and yes, there will be dust), few things transform the look of the bedroom more than beautiful moldings.

    We hope you enjoyed this article, and that you will share it with others via social media or e-mail. Following one or more of these steps will certainly improve the look and usefulness of your bedroom while being easy on your budget.

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