Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take for my order to ship?

  • If you've ordered a Murphy Bed Frame or DIY Kit, your order should leave our St Augustine warehouse within 2 business days, if there are no delays. We ship these orders with UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, and typically, time in transit varies from 2-10 days.
  • If you've ordered a Murphy Bed Furniture or Cabinet system, without a Sofa, your order should leave us in 3-5 weeks, if there are no delays. Typically, time in transit varies from 2-10 days.
  • If your order includes a Sofa, it will leave us in 7-9 weeks, if there are no delays. Typically, time in transit varies from 2-10 days.

How will my order arrive?

If you've ordered a frame or hardware kit, your bed will arrive in 2-4 boxes, varying in weight from 22 to 71 pounds each.

palletIf you've ordered Murphy Bed Furniture, your order will arrive on 1-2 pallets, completely un-assembled, and flat-packed. We box the pallet in scrap melamine and/or plywood, to protect your cabinetry in transit. You'll need tin snips to cut the banding off of the pallet, and each part will need to be inspected and carried in from the curb. The parts weigh between 2 and 55 pounds each. As you can see, the pallet is large. The freight company will have a lift-gate equipped truck, and they are responsible to leave the pallet at your curbside. The driver will not unpack or carry the pallet inside, so it's recommended that you have help ready when your pallet arrives. When we ship your pallet, we will email you a tracking number and a photo of your pallet. The freight company will then contact you while your pallet is in transit, to schedule a day of delivery. The hardware for your Murphy Bed is all included, and will be packed inside the boxes strapped atop the pallet. 

What do I do if something is damaged or missing?

After you've checked the tracking on all of your packages, please contact Murphy Bed Depot immediately is anything is missing or damaged. We recommend all customers receiving pallets sign the bill of lading with "Possible Internal Damage" just in case some damage is found after the freight driver leaves.

Installation and Assembly

Is it easy to assemble?

We would not describe any of our products as "easy" to assemble. We have attempted to make it as simple as we can, but it does take some understanding of the use of tools and hardware to assemble and install any Murphy Bed. We like to say, "It is do-able for an experienced do-it-yourself-er."

For a Next Bed or Door Bed Frame, it takes our professional and experienced installers 1-2 hours to assemble and install one.

For a Murphy Bed Furniture order, the installation time can vary widely, depending on the experience and skill of the installer. It takes our installers 4 hours minimum for a Boaz Bifold Bookcase Bed, and 2 hours minimum for a Panel Bed. But, our installers have done many, and do not have to stop to watch any videos, figure out which parts are which, gather tools, or read the instructions. Some customers are able to install a bed in about twice this time, while it takes others quite a bit longer.

How does my Murphy Bed attach to the floor or the wall?

All of our Murphy Beds can be installed with wall mounts, and the Next Bed and Door Bed Frames can instead be mounted into the floor. The Murphy Door Bed Frame can be purchased with optional wall mount brackets, while the Next Bed includes wall mount brackets with wood screws. The wall mount brackets secure into the bottom plate (the 2x4 that runs under your studs) on a standard frame-construction wall. If the wall is made of some other material, such as masonry, additional anchors will need to be obtained to secure the wall mount brackets into the wall. There is no need to remove the baseboard, but if you have quarter-round, that will need to be removed, so that the frame can sit evenly on the floor. Our Panel Bed systems secure to the sides of a cabinet, which is then secured to the studs, etc. at the top. If using the floor-mount on a Door Bed Frame (or Next Bed), there is no need to also use the wall mount brackets.

Do you have an installer in my area?

We have professional and experienced installers available in Northeast Florida, in Southern California, in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area, and in the New York City area. Please contact us for an installation quote, if you're interested.

Can I return my Murphy Bed?

In order for Murphy Bed Depot to continue offering free shipping, we charge a 25% restocking fee on all returns. All returns must be initiated within 14 days of receipt, and the product cannot have been open, used, or assembled. Made-to-order items are non-returnable. You can read more about our policies here.

Product Questions

How thick can my mattress be?

The answer to this question is generally 8-11 inches. On our Panel Beds, the mattress thickness is strictly restricted to approximately 11 inches by the leg-bar that goes between the legs of the Panel Bed. On our Door Bed and Next Bed Frames, it is possible to put a thicker-than-11-inch mattress on the bed, but not recommended. Once a mattress thicker than 11 inches is placed on either of these beds, holding the mattress up while the frame is vertical becomes a problem. We do have one solution for this, which is easier to pull off on the Door Bed Frame: A tilting head board.

Should I get the Next Bed or the Door Bed Frame?

The Door Bed Frame and the Next Bed are similar options, and we get many questions about the differences. We use the Door Bed Frame on all of our local Library Bed installations, as it is the most tried-and-true model we offer, and it takes up 1" less depth, when vertically stored. Both will last, and both have a lifetime warranty on the steel frame.

  • THE DOOR BED FRAME CAN BE ORDERED WITHOUT WALL MOUNT BRACKETS, and without a mattress support, resulting the lowest-priced Murphy Bed Frame Kit
  • THE NEXT BED ALWAYS INCLUDES WALL MOUNT BRACKETS, and wood slats as a mattress support
  • The Door Bed Frame and Next Bed BOTH USE SPRINGS, and the lift mechanisms are nearly identical
  • WE USE THE DOOR BED FRAME in our Majestic Library Bed and Boaz Bed, partially because the Door Bed Frame requires 1" less depth, when in the vertical position
  • The Door Bed Frame is made ANGLE-IRON, powder coated black
  • The Next Bed is made from TUBULAR STEEL, powder coated white

So, it's really a matter of personal preference in the end.

How does the leg work on a Panel Bed (or the DIY Kit)?

The leg on a Panel Bed flips over the end of the panel. The best way to explain is with a video.

Do you sell King Size Murphy Beds?

Yes, we sell our Panel Beds and our Murphy Door Beds in King Size, and the DIY Kit is universal, allowing a King Size, as well. You can purchase the Panel Bed as either a frame kit, which requires building your own cabinet, or as an entire ready-to-assemble cabinet with the frame included.

Our Library Beds do not come in King Size, and we do not offer a California King at this time.